List of Music and Videos released


The Sphinx Won't TellThe Last Leaf

Label: VAMP / Country: Australia

Catalogue: V.A.007 / Date: 1964

A: The Sphinx Won’t Tell

B: The Last Leaf

Label: Leedon / Country: Australia

Catalogue: LK-1009/ Date: 1965

A: You Are My Destiny

B: Oh, Baby, That’s What We’re Gonna Do

Label: Decca / Country: United Kingdom

Catalogue: F 22671/ Date: 29 Sep 1967

A: It Looks Like The Daybreak
B: Forget About Him

Label: Decca / Country: United Kingdom

Catalogue: F 22724 / Date: 12 Jan 1968

A: Glasshouse Green, Splinter Red
B: It’s Started To Rain Again

Label: Decca / Country: United Kingdom

Catalogue: F 22777 / Date: 17 May 1968

A: It’s Good To See You
B: Always The Loser

Label: His Master’s Voice / Country: Australia

Catalogue: EA-9982 / Date 1972, Feb, 12th

A: Take Up The Hammer Of Hope

B: Spinning Wheel

Label: EMI / Country: Australia

Catalogue: EMI-11173 / Date 1976

A: Bread And Butter
B: Dedicated To The One I Love


Label: Double G / Country: Australia

Catalogue: PRS-2592 / Date 1980

A: Get A Little Gold Coast Sand Between Your Toes
B: Gold Coast Sunshine